Returns Management

Sometimes, customers will decide to return an order. While that’s not always profitable, an easy return process will increase the trust and loyalty of your brand.

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Intelligent and fast

Return orders also benefit from the Innoship intelligent algorithm of automatic allocation.

This way, you are sure that the returned products are delivered back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. All you have to do is put the products back in stock and put them back on sale.

Successful returns

Here are 4 ways a return could turn into a success with immediate benefits for your business.

Increase your conversion rate

Consumers are not interested only in the delivery options but also at how easy the return process is. For most of them, a simple return policy is what will convince them to buy from you.

Build confidence among your customers

Success is not only measured in sales, but also in trust. If you have an easy return process, they will reward you with a valuable vote of confidence.

Provide a unified brand experience

Integrating the return option directly into the store interface offers real benefits: it provides a unified brand experience, reduces confusion and makes the process easier.

Minimize your customers worries

Your customers are not worried only about the delivery process, but also about the return possibility. That's why Innoship notifies them about the status of their return.

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