Find out how efficient your shipping process is for free

With Innoship Free Analytics, you assess the way you handle your deliveries. Access the platform for free and get your results in just 24 hours. 

Hundreds of retailers optimize the experience delivery on a daily basis with Innoship

Assess the performance of your couriers in different areas

Track the performance of your couriers in different local and international areas, such as counties or provinces. Innoship’s interactive map helps you identify the areas with a low delivery performance so you can take the necessary measures to improve it.

See how effective your shipping process is in different areas within 24 hours after you introduce your courier credentials in the Innoship platform.  

Three weeks after populating your Innoship map with your past orders, you’ll receive a free evaluation of your delivery process and personalized recommendations to improve it.  

Easy implementation

You can implement Innoship Free Analytics in just 2 steps, without any computer programming skills.

1: You create an account here
2: You introduce the credentials of your couriers in the Innoship platform

That’s it. Within 24 hours, your account will be populated with your order history for the past 3 days, and you will be able to assess the performance of your couriers directly on the interactive map.

Make informed decisions about your deliveries

With Innoship Free Analytics you can see the status of your orders in a single platform, so it’s easier to improve your delivery experience.

Track your shipments and discover:

  • Your couriers’ delivery performance
  • The return rate for every courier service
  • Average cash on delivery reimbursement period
  • How many packages each of your couriers shipped in the last 30 days

Join hundreds of retailers who optimize their delivery process with Innoship

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  • See how efficient your delivery process is directly on Innoship’s interactive map
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