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Innoship optimizes the interactions between retailers and couriers, streamlining the costs of courier services by up to 25% and increasing delivery performance by up to 15% through a dynamic order allocation.

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Reduce monthly shipping costs by:

Up to25%

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Up to15%

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each month:

Up to20h

Access to multiple delivery options:

Up to25+


We know the importance of business partners. That's why Innoship allows you to easily connect and integrate with any courier partner and platform you use in your business.

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See what retailers are saying about Innoship

Anca Bahna


We are proud to use Innoship in our operations and to work with such a flexible and enthusiastic team. The efficiency of the delivery cost, as well as the selection of the most efficient courier, are elements that for Miniprix represent necessary tools, especially in these times. It is also very important the possibility of integration with any important courier in the market, without additional costs, as well as the delivery strategies that you can adapt depending on the business needs.

Razvan Marinescu

Managing Director

KLG Europe & CEO Simplify

It was easy for us to work with Innoship from the beginning. Innovation being one of the values at KLG, we realized that Innoship is a partner with which we can collaborate in strategic development directions. Moreover, once we saw their platform, we immediately identified the benefits of using it, both for us and for our customers. It is a product that must be tried, the benefits are immediate, significant and measurable. The quick response time to our requests, the effort in implementing the project, as well as the quality of the service, made us consider a long-term collaboration and so we included Innoship as part of Simplify by KLG.

Pavel Caruntu

Country Manager Romania

It is not an option, it is a Must-Have for all e-commerce and retail players to use Innoship. Choosing the most efficient courier when allocating an order, optimizing costs, a single integration with all couriers, managing and viewing all activities in one place are benefits without can not imagine our online activity and in Darwin stores.

Why should you choose Innoship?

Now you can manage more efficiently your own courier contracts from a single point of contact. Moreover, you have access to all couriers and their services without any new integrations.

Delivery Cost and Quality of Your Orders

You decide what's important for your customers - Innoship automatically assigns the right courier for each order based on the criteria you set: cost, quality or complex rules specific to your business.

Generate Shipping / Pick-up Labels

We make the process as efficient as possible - Innoship is the only platform you need to automate the entire delivery process, regardless of the number of used couriers.

Order & Cash On Delivery Tracking

You are constantly in control and have real-time access to the statuses of your orders and cash on delivery reimbursement throughout the process.

Efficient Management of Returns

You are immediately notified when your orders cannot be delivered and you follow the return process to make sure they arrive on time.

Access to Reports & Analysis

Informed and up to date - centralized and updated reports in real-time allow you to analyze the quality of courier services on relevant criteria to your business, so you can make decisions quickly.

Multiple Delivery

Flexibility is the key - with Innoship you can offer customers any delivery option provided by courier companies: same day, next day, standard, locker, fixed point, international delivery, etc.

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Blog & Media

Bucharest-based Innoship raises €550K seed funding from GapMinder Venture Partners to lead last-mile delivery for e-commerce in Romania and CEE 🚚

Romanian startup Innoship, the SaaS solution that enables e-commerce businesses to integrate and orchestrate multiple last-mile delivery options, has announced a seed investment from GapMinder VC. The investment of €550K comes just six months after the commercial launch of its solution.

Innoship Startup Raises 550,000 EUR as Seed Investment from GapMinder Venture Partners

The funding will support the company’s initial growth spurt to become the leading orchestrator of multiple last-mile delivery options for independent e-commerce businesses in Romania and in CEE.

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