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Data protection is at the core of Innoship algorithms.
Safety, protection, compliance, and privacy- Innoship was build with your data in mind.

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API Documentation

Innoship API is the easiest way to integrate your system with 25+ carriers worldwide to ship your packages.

Scope : API Documentation specifies Web Service API used to connect external retailers to the core system functionality to create, print, or track shipments, and parcels, using available courier services with their limitations, additional services and options.

Overview : The document specifies the communication protocol for integration, which is a request/response based on HTTP Secure. The web service API requires an API key authentication for each method.

Overall Description :
To get technical support for the integration please send us an e-mail to

Swagger : Swagger Documentation :

GDPR Compliant

Data management through the Innoship platform is compliant with GDPR rules, in order to achieve the highest degrees of efficiency and transparency

Innoship data is stored in the West Europe Azure Data Center, providing global coverage with a local presence to reduce the cost, delivery time and complexity of operations, while meeting your specific needs.

Nothing can bring us down

Innoship infrastructure and data are stored in multiple Azure data centers to ensure that in the event of a server failure, the service continues to operate. Disaster recovery procedures are regularly tested with real-world scenarios, and our contingency plan includes running the API and AWS infrastructure off-site.