One dashboard,
your single point of truth

The truth is revealed in the data.

Innoship's Dashboard is the solution to access accurate, real-time, easy-to-understand information on carrier performance.

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More data, more efficient deliveries

You quickly identify trends in decreasing or increasing delivery performance for any courier service, so you can make well-informed and goal-oriented decisions.

Real time reports and analytics

Real-time reports are the key to operational optimisation - you can see blockages, you can instantly adapt, in order to keep the promise made to your customers.

Long-term trends and performance

With full visibility over the carrier performance on each delivery service, you identify specific trends and areas where delivery process could be improved.

Compare between carrier services

You can compare the quality of services and the efficiency of each carrier you use, so you can set new rules that will improve the delivery performance or cost.

Pay more for a faster delivery

Sometimes, the lowest price isn’t the right answer. Customers are willing to pay more for faster service. Innoship provides rule creation to let you decide what matters to you and your customers.

Informed customers, happy customers

Reduce customer anxiety and build trust with real-time updates. Regular updates sent on their preferred communication channel, notify customers of delays to minimise dissatisfaction and earn you the badge of honesty and transparency.

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Start your free 100 orders trial today.
No credit card required.