Fully aware, always prepared

Business goes as planned when you are in full control.

Innoship offers you a simple and easy way to track the statuses of your orders and cash on delivery reimbursement in real time, in one place. Without any effort, you know everything about your orders, money and receive alerts when unforeseen moments occur.

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Knowledge is power

Three things make Innoship your essential partner:

Clear view on orders statuses

You know exactly in every moment, each status of your orders so you can inform your customers about it. Transparency increases confidence and guarantees satisfaction!

Full control on all processes

You know instantly if your carriers kept their delivery promises or you can see which orders are delayed and take immediate decisions.

Real time traceability

You know in real time any aspect of the delivery process, pick up or return. Moreover, you can track the cash on delivery reimbursements and gain cash-flow predictability.

When will I receive my order?

Customers appreciate an honest answer - even when the delivery is late.

Innoship allows you to be proactive and anticipate frustrations: you can send regular notifications to customers or in case of emergency. This increases confidence and minimizes any potential issues.

Track your cash on delivery!

Innoship offers real time visibility for cash on delivery payments from carrier to retailer. Moreover, it measures bank transfer time once delivery is made and notifies you when the reimbursements are late.

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Start your free 100 orders trial today.
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