Full visibility over courier invoices

Take control of your carrier service contracts with the Invoice Check feature.
Gain complete visibility over your shipment data and carrier invoices, and ensure they align with your expectations and business agreements.

Remove human error, make informed decisions, and boost logistics efficiency.

With the Invoice Check feature, you gain control over the costs billed by the courier, automated invoice analysis, and recommendations for the optimal courier based on identified weaknesses in the delivery process.

Cost Control

Gain complete visibility over your shipping services provider ‘s invoices, thoroughly check each line, and ensure all rates and fees are correct.

Time-Saving Analysis
of Carrier Performance

Say goodbye to manual evaluation and save time with our automated analysis. Assess carrier performance effortlessly based on factual data directly from your invoices.


Receive suggestions for the best-performing carriers based on platform big data that directly address the weak points in your shipping process.

How it works:

  1. Navigate to Discover Module – Invoice Check on the platform. Upload the annex of your carrier invoice.
  2. Let Innoship do its magic. We’ll evaluate and compare the platform shipment data and your carrier’s invoice data.
  3. Check out the list of discrepancies, which is easy to filter and analyze.