Assess the performance of your couriers with Innoship Free Analytics

If you run a business that ships many packages on a monthly basis, you already know how difficult it is to track everything that’s happening with your deliveries. Some orders don’t reach their destination and are returned, you don’t know how long it takes to receive the money from your cash-on deliveries, and it’s difficult to assess the performance of your couriers. 

Fortunately, now it’s easier to track your deliveries and assess the performance of your couriers with Innoship Free Analytics 

What is Innoship Free Analytics? 

Your goal to offer a better shopping experience for your customers while keeping costs under control is now possible to achieve. With Innoship Free Analytics, our free analysis service, you can find out how to improve your delivery performance. 

With Free Analytics you can assess the performance of the largest courier services in Romania – Cargus, DPD, FAN, Sameday – in real time, in the same platform, using criteria that are relevant to your business: On Time Delivery (OTD), return rate for each courier, average cash on delivery reimbursement period. 

How does Free Analytics help? 

Free Analytics helps you 

  • Assess the efficiency of your couriers using several criteria (OTD, return rate, average cash on delivery reimbursement period)
  • Track the effects of your current courier order allocation system (losses, performance, statistics) 
  • Track your returns, so you can react quickly and improve your financial efficiency 
  • Save time by interpreting the consolidated data from all your couriers in a single platform, in real time. 

To summarize, you benefit from an advanced analytics tool to track your deliveries without effort. 

The couriers included in this module are: Cargus, DPD, FAN, Sameday. We will add others soon. 

How do you implement Free Analytics? 

Step 1: You create an account here

Step 2: You introduce your courier credentials in the platform 

That’s it. We will populate your account with your order history within 24 hours. Your data will update automatically in real time, so you will be able to track your delivery performance using our interactive map.