Automating deliveries for your online store. How does a shipping management platform help your business?

Whether you have a newly established online store or are experiencing rapid growth in the number of orders, you already know that the rapid development of online commerce can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, more sales mean higher revenues, but on the other hand, the increase in transactions involves a multitude of operational aspects that need to be managed in parallel. Managing shipping costs and order delivery are aspects that can easily become a constant source of stress and tension.

Time is money, especially in online commerce, where the speed and manner in which you manage and optimize order delivery can easily determine whether your business will succeed or not.

The ever-increasing and sophisticated customer requirements continue to pose operational challenges for online stores. Even if you have to handle a large volume of orders quickly, customers expect services that meet their expectations. And this is where the automation process comes in. Read on to learn more about automation and its associated advantages!

What does delivery automation mean?

Delivery automation is the method by which logistical processes are simplified using specific applications, technology, infrastructure, and intelligent business decisions.

What are the advantages of delivery automation?

Delivery automation offers many advantages:

• It saves you from repetitive manual tasks.

• It leads to increased team productivity.

• It reduces courier service costs.

• It improves delivery performance.

• It helps eliminate human errors within the process.

• It enhances the shopping experience for customers in your online store.


Innoship is the advanced delivery management platform that helps retailers to improve customer experience by streamlining the delivery process.

How can INNOSHIP help you?

With INNOSHIP, the delivery management platform, you can automate the entire order delivery process. 

Using the platform’s four modules: DISCOVER, CONNECT, ALLOCATE, and INTERACTION, you have all the data you need to achieve your goals for your online store, whether it’s increasing sales, streamlining costs, or expanding into new markets. 

Learn more about the INNOSHIP features and the types of automation available.

INNOSHIP DISCOVER – Gain visibility into deliveries and real-time data

The INNOSHIP DISCOVER module is a simple tool that helps you gain visibility and optimize deliveries by providing access to accurate information that is easily interpretable.

In other words, you can find the performance of your courier services in real time.

You also have access to reports that analyze indicators such as:

• On-time delivery

• Return rate

• Average number of days for refund processing

• Order distribution for each courier you use

With the DISCOVER module, you can make the best decisions for your business and your customers, who will certainly appreciate the flexibility in the delivery process. Speaking of flexibility, it’s worth offering your customers multiple delivery options.

INNOSHIP CONNECT – Gain full control over your shipping partners

Using an API, or application programming interface, in your relationship with courier companies helps you provide your customers with a pleasant shopping experience and gives you a competitive advantage.

However, implementing an API can be costly, inflexible, and time-consuming. Whenever you want to add a new courier to your portfolio or expand into new markets, you must go through the integration process between the platform and the partner system again, which means spending money and time.

The INNOSHIP CONNECT module provides fast connection and integration with any courier service on the market. All you have to do is negotiate your rates with the courier companies and then add the collaborating couriers to your Innoship account with a single click, without any additional cost.

Practically, CONNECT module allows you to automate the entire operational flow of your online store: import, manage, and generate shipping labels (AWBs) for various couriers from a single platform.

In just a few seconds, you can validate addresses, offer customers multiple delivery options, and provide them with the ability to track all the steps involved in parcel delivery. This way, you increase your conversion rate and provide customers with an excellent shopping experience. 

INNOSHIP ALLOCATE – Simplified delivery management and the perfect balance between price and performance

You’ve received a new order with specific requirements: it needs to be delivered urgently the next day to the other end of the country, by a certain time. You want to find out which courier companies can help you make this delivery at the best cost.

With INNOSHIP ALLOCATE, you no longer have to guess because you already know! This module helps you set the optimal balance between price and quality of courier services, allowing you to optimize the entire delivery process.

The platform identifies the best delivery option for each order, starting from the product details, pickup point, destination, and preferences. 

Whether it’s:

• Home delivery or delivery to a fixed point (locker, post office)

• Same-day delivery or next-day delivery

• Delivery at a specific time

• Delivery of a product with atypical dimensions that requires a specialized courier

• Or other specific requirements for your business

You will want to allocate the order to the courier that meets the expected performance level. You can do this with a single click in INNOSHIP ALLOCATE. 

Additionally, you can personalize other parameters that better match your needs and those of your customers. Once the rules are set, orders are automatically allocated, and you can be sure they are the best options in terms of cost and delivery time. Plus, you benefit from options for monitoring returns, tracking shipments, and refunds.

INNOSHIP INTERACTION – Create unique end-to-end customer journeys 

and seamless post-purchase processes 

The initial interactions are crucial for any business. A successful first interaction can lead to a second interaction, and so on. The same rule applies to your online store: stay connected with your customers to build loyalty and increase your sales.

With INNOSHIP INTERACTION, you can communicate and keep your customers informed at every stage of the delivery process. You can send real-time notifications through SMS and/or email, conduct brand marketing campaigns, or gather feedback through personalized emails tailored to your brand. This way, each delivered order becomes a new sales opportunity.

The INTERACTION module is your centralized communication center. 

Whether you send shipment status updates to your clients or communicate internally with your customer support team, our platform provides fully automated notifications based on all possible pre-defined delivery events.

Success in the highly competitive online commerce environment depends on your ability and your brand’s ability to provide an excellent customer experience while keeping your business profitable. Discover how to manage deliveries during peak seasons as well as efficiently.

And because we want to support you in this endeavor, we invite you to discover the best delivery optimization solution tailored to your business. Request a demo.