Black Friday 2021 Analysis: Innoship managed over 12% of the total volume of packages shipped by retailers during the first Black Friday weekend of 2021

Retail companies handed couriers over 2 million packages during the Romanian Black Friday weekend of 2021, according to an analysis conducted by Innoship. The volume of packages sent from Friday (13 November) to Sunday (15 November) is 2.5 times higher than the volume registered during a regular weekend. Innoship managed over 12% of the total volume of packages shipped by retailers during this Black Friday weekend. 

“We are proud to have successfully managed over 12% of the shipments of all online orders delivered during the first Romanian Black Friday weekend, just one and a half years after our launch. Innoship optimized the delivery process for more than 100 retailers, including top brands, such as Elefant, Otter, Evomag or Yves Rocher. We’ve noticed an improvement in all our clients’ shipping performance during the 2021 Black Friday campaign. The retailers and the courier companies cooperated in a joint effort to offer the best shopping experience for the customers.” said Dan Ungureanu, Head of Business Development and Innoship co-founder

The top three players in the courier industry handled 79% of the packages shipped during the first three days of this year’s Black Friday campaign. Friday represented the peak point of this year’s campaign when couriers picked up over 1.2 million packages from retailers.

Couriers worked non-stop during the campaign, so over half (58%) of the packages they picked up from the retailers on Friday, the first day of the Black Friday campaign, were shipped very quickly, over the weekend. By the end of Tuesday, 16 November, couriers had already delivered 95% of the packages. 

The courier’s delivery work was aided by the growth in fixed delivery options, such as lockers and pick-up points. The consumers’ preference for flexible delivery options was confirmed when it was revealed that 20% of the shipments managed by retailers that use Innoship were delivered in lockers.

The Black Friday campaign represents the start of the busiest time of the year for retailers and couriers. The average volume of shipped packages will remain high throughout the holiday season as retailers are preparing new promotions, and consumers have already started ordering their holiday presents. 

Black Friday, a warm-up for the holiday season

Innoship helps retailers manage all their carries and deliveries in one place, automating every step of delivery management. With a single integration, Innoship enables retailers to offer more delivery options at the check-out, reduce costs and their orders’ return rate. Using the Innoship solution, retailers offer their customers real-time shipment status, setting up their very own system of notifications by email or SMS. The solution’s advanced machine-learning algorithms analyze the performance of different delivery options in a particular geographic area and automatically select the suitable courier for every delivery based on the retailer’s criteria. Having all the delivery data in a dashboard, retailers can now analyze courier performance and make fully informed business decisions.

Since its launch in 2020, Innoship has managed over 11 million orders in Romania and Europe. 


Innoship is a technology startup established in 2019 by Daniel Nicolae, Andrei Paul, Dan Ungureanu, and Robert Tanase. The venture capital fund Gapminder and entrepreneur Cătălin Grigorescu are investors in  Innoship. Innoship is the largest orchestrator of last-mile delivery options in Romania and aims for the leader position in Europe. Innoship currently integrates with over 60 couriers operating in 15 countries. Innoship’s team has reached 17 members and continues to expand. 

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