Case Study: How Innoship Helped Mobexpert, a Top Brand in Romania’s Home Decor Scene,  Make Deliveries Smooth and Easy

In a hyperdynamic and competitive business world, adapting and giving great service is key to any business’s success. Innoship, with its #wecareyougrow approach, has been a huge help to its partners, providing support and solutions when needed. A great example is their work with Mobexpert, a big name in Romania’s furniture and home decor scene. In this case study, we’ll look into how Innoship, part of the international Alsendo group, has helped streamline Mobexpert’s delivery process, ensuring they keep their promises to customers and build stronger relationships.

Mobexpert’s Promise to Do Great Work

Mobexpert has made a name for itself as a leader in the market by always working to meet its customers’ needs for style and functionality. Mr. Dan Sucu, the group’s founder, says

“In our eyes, doing business is like making a promise, an unwritten contract that we do our best to keep every day. It’s a promise we first make to ourselves so that we can keep it to our customers. It’s not always easy, but we believe in our actions. And good results are bound to follow when you believe in something that much.”

Meeting Customer Needs

For over 30 years, Mobexpert has given its customers the best furniture and home decor options. They’ve worked hard to get better and faster, ensuring every product gets to the customer on time.

Partnering Up with Innoship

Mobexpert’s search for a trustworthy transportation service provider ended when they found Innoship. This platform brought all the last-mile shipping management functionalities together in one place, making it easier for the Mobexpert team to keep track of deliveries and manage their data.

The Benefits of Using Innoship

With Innoship’s platform, Mobexpert got a better grip on its delivery process. They could now watch their deliveries in real-time and see how their courier partners perform in real-time, helping them make smart decisions to keep their customers happy.

Numbers That Tell the Story

Thanks to Innoship, Mobexpert works smoothly with two main partners, handling around 5,000 deliveries monthly. The platform has considerably helped decrease the complexity of the shipping process.

What Mobexpert Loves About Innoship

The Mobexpert team really values the internal notifications, the ability to check delivery performance on the same dashboard, and the new features like Invoice Check that Innoship has brought to the table.

A Wide Range of Popular Products

Mobexpert offers thousands of products on its website, giving customers plenty of choices. The gift products section is especially popular, and you can check it out at


The partnership between Mobexpert and Innoship is an excellent example of how being open to change and new ideas can lead to success in the e-commerce world. By putting customers first and making their delivery process smoother, both companies have shown that working together and using the right technology can really make a difference in today’s market.