How Flip Technologies Amplified Its Cross-Border Expansion with Innoship's Integrated ShippingManagement Solutions

Flip Technologies has been carving a niche for itself in the ever-competitive marketplace for refurbished electronics. Operating in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, the company is known for its meticulously managed marketplace, high-quality products, and smooth transactional experiences. The man behind this successful international growth is Teo, the Chief Expansion Officer for Flip Technologies.

Theo shared insights on how their collaboration with Innoship, a shipping and delivery solutions provider, has been instrumental in helping Flip Technologies scale efficiently across multiple markets.


Being a heavily managed marketplace, Flip Technologies faces the following challenges:

Multi-Market Expansion: Navigating the complex world of international shipping and delivery can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Transaction Experience: To maintain customer satisfaction and trust, offering a seamless transactional experience is crucial, especially in the delivery phase.

Adaptability: New markets come with their own customer preferences, including how they want to receive their orders.

Solution: Partnering with Innoship


Flip Technologies found a plug-and-play solution for all their shipping and delivery needs with InnoShip. According to Teo, entering a new market is as simple as consulting with the InnoShip team to identify the best delivery options. Within two to three weeks, Flip Technologies is able to go live with that carrier in the new market.

Real-World Impact:

Last autumn, market research showed that customers in a newly targeted market preferred using pick-up and drop-off points for their deliveries. After discussing this with InnoShip, Flip Technologies was able to implement this feature quickly. The result? Over 60% of orders now go to these pick-up and drop-off points, significantly improving the success rate of orders.


InnoShip doesn’t just provide a service; it acts as a consulting partner. Whenever Flip Technologies wants to debate the nitty-gritty of deliveries or improve transactional experiences in a new market, they find valuable insights and consultancy from the InnoShip team.

Future Goals:

With successful outcomes in multiple markets and a reliable partnership, Flip Technologies is keen to continue collaborating with InnoShip for future market expansions.


Teo sums it up best, saying, “It’s a win-win partnership that helps us deliver a better experience to our customers, which is our end goal.” The combination of convenience and in-depth consultancy makes Innoship the go-to solution for Flip Technologies as they continue to expand their footprint in new markets.

In a world where shipping and logistics can often become bottlenecks, the case of Flip Technologies and Innoship serves as a shining example of what a strategic, symbiotic partnership can accomplish.

Are you facing similar challenges in your business? It may be time to consider Innoship as your shipping management solutions partner. Connect with us now!