Kärcher, the world leader in cleaning technology, becomes a client of tech startup Innoship

The world leader in cleaning technology, Kärcher signs a partnership with the start-up Innoship to streamline the delivery process. Starting with November, Innoship, the tech company that aims to become the leading aggregator for fast shipping options in Central and Eastern Europe, will manage the delivery of orders for the eCommerce platform: Kärcher Webshop.

Kärcher plans to improve the buying experience of its customers in Romania by streamlining the shipping process. The main benefits of the Innoship platform that will help them implement their plans are the real-time visibility on orders that will allow them to make decisions quickly, the transparency on the costs of courier services in each geographical area, the capacity of the system to easily and simply set business rules applicable to the business and operate orders automatically, in a single platform.

Innoship was founded last year and developed a SaaS (software as a service) solution that offers retailers and online stores the opportunity to manage their own courier contracts and delivery options through machine learning algorithms. Innoship is constantly expanding on the local and international market, enjoying an impressive adoption rate.

“We are honored to partner with Kärcher, one of the world’s leading players in cleaning technology. We have the necessary expertise and the confidence that the Innoship platform will add significant value to the shopping experience of Kärcher customers and we are convinced that this is just the beginning of a lasting collaboration “, stated Robert Tanase, Head of Sales and Co-Founder Innoship.

“We strongly believe in lasting partnerships, which bring immediate value to our customers. That’s exactly what our collaboration with Innoship is about. Moreover, since the company’s founding in 1935, innovation has been an important part of our culture and Innoship comes up with a solution that puts technology and innovation at the heart of the product. Also, we are proud we have chosen a 100% made in RO collaborator and that we can support the development of local businesses.”, stated Monica Iavorschi, General Director of Kärcher Romania.

About Innoship

Innoship is a company that combines technology (in a form that is easy to understand and easy to use) and know-how in the fields of the courier, supply chain, and retail. The Innoship platform is an aggregator of multiple fast delivery options for retail and eCommerce companies that democratizes retailers of all sizes access to advanced technology through which they can efficiently manage their courier contracts by offering to their customers multiple delivery options and shipping services for better quality at a minimal cost. For more information, please visit www.innoship.com.

About Kärcher 

Kärcher is a world leader in cleaning technology, providing a wide range for any cleaning application, both domestic and professional. The company was founded in 1935 in Germany by the passionate inventor Alfred Kärcher. Kärcher is present in 70 countries, has over 13,000 employees, 24 production and logistics points and recorded in 2018, globally, a turnover of 2.5 billion euros.

Kärcher has been present in Romania since 2008, has approximately 100 employees, 6 own showrooms, a national service network and a national coverage through large chain stores and authorized distributors.